What is Nodax ?

We are a Compounding Node Protocol, and we are accessible for any wallet size.

We will deploy on the AVAX blockchain.

Why AVAX ?

Avalanche is a versatile blockchain, it is compatible with Metamask, which greatly facilitates the user experience.

Both fast and cheap, Avalanche is attracting more and more people and seems an ideal choice for building Nodax.

To finish, AVAX is recognize to have Node compared to the BSC.

How does it work ?

You will be able to create 3 types of Nodes, of different sizes.

The more you stake the more you win.

What are the different nodes ?

1. Nodax :

Price : 1 $NDX
APY : 2600%
Reward : 0,056 $NDX per day

2. Nodax Pro :

Price : 10 $NDX
APY : 2700%
Reward ≈ 0,6 $NDX per day

3. Nodax Max :

Price : 100 $NDX
APY : 2850%
Reward ≈ 6,25 $NDX per day


Name : Nodax

Ticker : $NDX

Launch price: 0,1$ per $NDX

Initial Liquidity : 10,000 $MIM on Trader Joe.

For each Nodax created :

  • 0,8 $NDX go the node reward pool.
  • -0,1 $NDX goes to the LP on TraderJoe (50/50 with $AVAX)
  • -0,1 $NDX go to the Team Wallet (used for airdrops and buybacks)

Original Supply : 100,000 NDX

Why use us and not the competitors ?

Less fees, bigger APY, faster, accessibility, scalability, and AVAX is the future, so Nodax will be the future.

Our goal is to be the first node protocol on AVAX.

And what better than a TOKEN/NODE for the people, by the people.

When will Nodax be launched ?

Nodax is not a random $RING fork. We create everything from scratch.

We have already been developing the project for many weeks.

We don’t have a specific date to launch for now, but we are working hard to provide the best launch and service..

Stay informed by joining the Discord and Telegram.

Stay around and see you soon!

Discord :

Telegram :

Website : Coming soon.



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